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The EX-BELT is perfect for people who want to get fit and for those who want to intensify their current workout routine.


You can now add resistance to all those movements you are already familiar with while still being kind to your joints.


Each EX-BELT comes with a pair of RED/LIGHT and BLUE/MEDIUM EX-BANDS to kick start your EX-BELT journey! 


Designed and manufactured in the UK from high-grade materials, the EX-BELT is revolutionizing resistance band training. It is the first belt of its kind to enable you to use resistance bands on the move and allows you to add resistance to any movement. Each EX-BELT comes with a free set of red (light resistance) EX-BANDS.


  • The EX-BELT is manufactuered in the UK using high quality materials. The EX-BANDS are 100% soft latex. 

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